Early years foundation stage





In our Nursery we believe every child is unique.  We understand the importance
of having a good knowledge of each child's developmental stage, their
individuality and their potential to become confident and independent learners. 
Our primary aim is to provide learning experiences that are stimulating,
challenging and achievable, and promote the acquisition of a wide range of
skills and knowledge that meet the needs of our children and lays the foundations for future learning.

In our Reception the children will gain independence and tend to their own personal needs. They will develop their social skills, such as taking turns and sharing.
The children will develop their literacy skills through a whole range of activities,
including role-play, drama, rhymes and stories. They will use their phonic knowledge to read and apply these skills to writing.

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Meet The Team

Mrs Islam
Nursery Class Teacher


Miss. K. Harris
Nursery Learning Support Assistant   


Mrs. T. Fresco
R Hockney


Miss. G. Antwi
Learning Support Assistant



Mrs S. Piper

R McCartney



Mrs L Fautley
R McCartney



Mrs. A. Beadle

Learning Support

Assistant/PPA release

Mrs J. Peters

Learning Support Assistant


Miss E. Juczenko

Learning Support Assistant 

 Mrs S. Patel

Learning Support Assistant