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The Governing Body of John Bramston Primary school was re-constituted in 2014; we have a membership of 12 which is made up of 2 Staff Governors (including the Headteacher), 4 elected Parent Governors, 1 local Authority Governor and 5 Co-opted Governors. Co-opted Governors are appointed by the Governing Body and are people who, in the opinion of the Governing Body, have the skills required to contribute to the effectiveness and success of the school.

The Governing Body meets twice a term and does not have committees. All members of the Governing Body (except Staff Governors) form a 'pool' from which statutory panels can be selected on the basis of availability and suitability.


Link Governors have been appointed to oversee specific aspects of the work of the school.


As at September 2018-19 - Register of Pecuniary Interests - NONE

(Regularly reported at each half termly meeting).


Statutory Governance Annual here

Mr. K Varnes
Chair of Governors
Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Hainault for over 40 years and have 
been a Governor at John Bramston since March 2008; initially as a Parent Governor then as a Community Governor and since reconstitution in July 2014 as a 
Co-opted Governor. I enjoy visiting John Bramston and attending school events and have a good knowledge of
the school. My wife Kritsana and I have two sons; both started in the Nursery and have worked their way
through the school and are now enjoying their learning 
at secondary school.

I am a Chartered Architect with a local practice and an Incorporated Member of the Association for Project
Safety. I have several years’ experience of working on educational buildings. I am also General Secretary of nearby Oakfield Parkonians Cricket Club and an age
group manager in the Colts Section.

Pupils make very good progress at John Bramston, I
am keen to see this continue with all the children at the school achieving to their potential in a challenging,
creative and safe environment.

I have been Chair of Governors since November 2012

Mr. W. Worth
Vice Chairman
LA Governor

I am in my 9th year as a Local  Authority
Governor, having previously served as a
Parent Governor, and serve as the vice-chair.
Most Governors will have areas of the
curriculum or school they monitor and at
present I have links with the school in the
areas of Educational Needs and Governor
Training. Since joining the Board the school
has come a long way and we can all be proud
of the hard work and achievements of the staff
and management in getting us to the present
standard. We are all looking forward to the
results of the outstanding improvements we
have been working through. 

I retired from the Fire Brigade almost two
years ago, having served for 30 years. Whilst
there I served first as an operational
fire-fighter, then as an officer within the Fire
Safety Regulation section. This gave me a
great many skills including policy-making,
internal systems auditing, management, and
fire prevention. Understanding the risk based
approach and base standards has also
allowed me to carry out risk assessment for
various bodies. 

Retirement itself hasn’t led to a raft of free
time as a large chunk of it has been taken up
by various commitments. Outside the school I
am a churchwarden at All Saints Chigwell
Row and sit on the PCC of the Church Parish
of Chigwell and Chigwell Row. I ring at All
Saints church and at St Marys in Chigwell,
having becoming the tower master there. I
have helped many people learn to ring and
have re-started the ringing school there, which
has recently become recognised as a local
ringing centre. I also joined the Independent
Appeals Panel and hear appeals for children
who didn’t get into a chosen school, as well
as those more unfortunate enough to be
excluded. The appeals are by no means easy
and can be mentally exhausting, even though
there are strict guidelines to follow.

Laetitia Dumbura
Co-opted Governor

 Originally from Zimbabwe, I have lived in the UK for
9 years, 5 of which were in Barkingside.  I was co-opted
in the Governing Body in of John Bramston primary
School in May 2015 after showing passion for giving
back to the community which has welcomed my family
and me when we first came to live in the area. I am a Chartered Accountant working in the banking sector and wanted to use my professional skills to complement the good work being done at the school.  

Being a mother to three daughters, I am very interested
in the development of children and am keen to see all children achieve their full potential in a safe and nurturing environment, to see each child come into their own.



Mrs. C. Holder
Parent Governor


I have been bringing up my 3 children for the
last 12 years as a stay at home mum.
Previously to that I had a challenging career
at Redbridge Magistrates Court in which I got
to see all different aspects of the borough.

I have been in my role as parent governor for
almost a year now.  My reasons for applying
were because I had my 3 children at the
school and wanted to play a bigger part in
supporting John Bramston.  I have been
overwhelmed by the dedication and passion
that runs throughout the school from the
children and staff to the Headteacher. 

I fully have the interest, well being and safety
of the children at heart as this is where their
life begins!  I like to think I am friendly,
approachable with a good sense of humour
and value community spirit.

Minesh Patel
Co-opted Governor

I moved to the borough of Redbridge in 2016 and was
co-opted as Governor at John Bramston Primary School
in May 2017.

I am a Chartered Accountant and work as a Management Consultant for one of the top four accounting firms in the UK. My experience includes working with senior
leadership teams to develop various plans (finance/business/stakeholder]) that in turn support
the strategic direction of an organisation.

 I have a keen interest in the education system and
would like to learn more about how the system operates.
I would like to gain perspective on how the education system has changed over the years and the challenges
it is currently facing whilst working alongside the leaders
of these institutions to help address these challenges. Having experienced the healthcare and energy
industries, I am keen to understand the similarities to
other industries to assess whether or not best practice
can be replicated or how innovation can be applied.
Having been taught by the UK education system, I feel
this is the right opportunity to show my appreciation by giving back and providing the necessary support to the community.

As a member of the Board I am committed to ensuring
the best possible education takes place at John
Bramston for every pupil.  



Sam Brookes
Co-vice Chair
Parent Governor

I have lived in Hainault for 20 years, and
have two children at John Bramston. I became
a parent governor in November 2013, and am
currently co-vice chair. I am the link governor
for equalities, including the Rights Respecting
Schools Award,and personal development,
behaviour and welfare.

I am incredibly proud of the school’s Rights
Respecting level 2 award, gained in 2016,
which reflects the school’s values and
commitment to protecting and promoting the
rights of every single child. Pupils at John
Bramston are confident in knowing and
defending both their own rights, and those of
children around the world.

I am also passionate about ensuring all
children develop the literacy skills they need
to succeed in life, as well as being encouraged
and supported to enjoy reading and writing for
their own sake. I work for the National Literacy
Trust, a national charity that works to improve
literacy skills in the UK. Through my work, I
have learned what a difference both families
and teachers can make to children’s life
chances, by developing both their skills and
their confidence and motivation around
reading and writing.

I am proud to be working alongside our
dedicated and experienced staff to ensure all
John Bramston pupils leave the school ready
for the next stage of their lives. 

Arfan Shakeel
Parent Governor

I have been a parent governor since March 2017, and
have lived in the local area for over 35 years. I have enjoyed learning about how the school works and the fantastic efforts of the governing body, committed staff, senior leaders and the Head Teacher, in preparing all children with the tools and foundations to become well rounded and capable achievers.

 My professional background is over 15 years in
Financial Services and Banking covering Operational Excellence, Accountancy, Audit and Risk Management. Many of my roles have involved the interpretation and adherence to internationally recognised quality

 As someone whom has benefited from mentoring programmes, I feel giving back to the community can
add value to young minds in achieving their true

 The governorship will allow me to contribute my skillset
to monitor and evaluate the progress the school is
making towards achieving its aims and objectives whilst providing strategic leadership and accountability.

​ ​Since being a governor I have felt privileged to work with such hardworking, motivated and dedicated staff. I have enjoyed hearing about the efforts the staff go to ensuring all pupils have the opportunity to learn in a positive, safe, warm and friendly environment embodying John Bramston’s core values.

 I believe John Bramston is going from strength to
strength and I look forward to being a part of its success
in the years to come.


Mrs Z Islam
Teacher Governor

I spent 16 years as an IT Trainer before
becoming a teacher. I changed career
because I have a passion for teaching and
for improving the prospects of our children.
As a relatively new teacher to the school,
becoming a governor would allow me a
broader view of how our school works from
different perspectives and understand what
drives key SLT decisions which affect our
school.  I would support and influence the
Head teacher to determine the optimum
direction for the school. I believe a school
governor needs to show a strong commitment
to making sure there are high aspirations for
all the children in our school and a 
commitment to achieving the best possible
outcomes for all the pupils. It is important to
listen and problem-solve, often creatively!

I am really passionate about teaching and
ensuring children enjoy their school
experience. I will bring my individual
perspective to our discussions and hope that
my contribution will be of value. I want our
school to continue to be a safe, nurturing,
enjoyable, inclusive environment where every
child has the opportunity to achieve their
personal best.

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